FAQs About The Sandra Zimmer Method

Our approach gently guides you to release stage fright and the tension of being the center of attention and frees you to express yourself naturally in front of others.

Q: What Is Transform Stage Fright into Authentic Presence?

A:  Transform Stage Fright into Authentic Presence is an experiential learning process that actually transforms the tension of stage fright and fear of public speaking into a state of relaxed presence. It is offered in 8-week classes, 2-day and 3-day workshops and individual coaching. If you have public speaking anxiety, through this process, you experience a bodily-felt sense of comfort, connection and presence while holding the center of attention of others. This program connects you to your own passion and frees you to express your thoughts, feelings, insights and expertise freely with others.

Q: What is the difference between traditional public speaking classes and the Self-Expression Center approach?

A:  Our process is very different from traditional methods of learning to speak publicly, perform, present or lead groups. Traditional speech training approaches are often mechanical and from the outside in. In traditional training someone teaches you how to do it “right.” If you do not do it right, you are then critiqued for what you do “wrong.” This creates more anxiety and tension because you are so focused on trying to do it right that you can’t be real.

Our public speaking and presentation skill training method provides support for you to be who you already are while you are in front of a group. Our method starts from the inside, from what gets tense and stirred up in your body when you become the center of attention. It allows you the time and space to explore your inner tension and discover that it is just passion energy frozen in your body. As you accept the tension, it begins to dissolve and the energy that was locked up in the tension is freed to flow through your body. People are often amazed at how quickly their tension dissolves when they do not resist it!

Q: How does it work? What happens in the Transform Stage Fright program?

A:  Transform Stage Fright into Authentic Presence takes place in an atmosphere that is totally supportive and completely non-critical. The nurturing atmosphere allows you to relax enough to face the tension that happens when you become the center of attention. In an easy, step-by-step manner, you are first guided to overcome stage fright, release the tension and relax into being your authentic self in front of a supportive group. Movement, breathing and grounding exercises help create a deeper state of relaxation, flow and presence in your body. You discover that being the center of attention can be surprisingly comfortable!

Next, you are guided to explore making connection with your audience while holding the center of attention. Feeling connected actually increases your sense of safety. In our presentation skill training, as you open to receive the group, their support nurtures and encourages you, causing you to begin to feel free to express yourself. Now you are ready to practice expressing yourself. You are facilitated to speak, act or sing (your choice of expression) in front of a safe group. Your newfound sense of comfort, connection and presence enables you to express yourself more fully. You can bring your passion into your expression. so your presentation or performance is brilliant!

Q: Who is this approach for?

A:  Our programs are for executives, managers, leaders, speech professionals, actors, business communicators, salespersons, singers, musicians, leaders, association officers, business owners, teachers, trainers. Anyone who wants to:

  • Be more comfortable at the center of attention
  • Radiate a presence that holds the attention of others
  • Connect more fully with others
  • Speak, present or communicate authentically
  • Act, sing or perform with passion
  • Persuade, inspire or influence others

Q: What are the results?

A:  The results of this presentation training process are remarkable! You will develop the confidence to speak, present, act, communicate, perform or sell yourself in front of other people. You develop a style that is based on being who you really are rather than who you think you should be. Instead of trying to create an image of perfection, you become authentic when you perform, present or communicate. Authenticity is never perfect, but is always brilliant!

Learn how to:

  • Make genuine connection with groups
  • Be comfortable being who you are in front of others
  • Develop a presence that holds other’s attention
  • Be able to think on your feet
  • Be present to the moment while holding the center of attention
  • Be seen and be heard by others
  • Engage listeners with a compelling presentation or performance
  • Let go of the tension, fear and anxiety of being the center of attention
  • Be comfortable in your skin in front of others
  • Become magnetic so others are drawn to you
  • Discover the pleasure of receiving the support of an audience
  • Share your expertise, wisdom or talent freely and fully

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