Fear of Public Speaking Coaching

The Sandra Zimmer Method gets public speaking fear and anxiety out of the way. You learn how to be comfortable being yourself at the center of attention so you feel confident to speak in groups or step onto stages.

What I know for sure. After facilitating hundreds of groups and thousands of individuals to transform public speaking anxiety, I can say with confidence that the people who have the most anxiety and public speaking fear have the potential to be stars at public speaking.

What’s different. Most public speaking courses help you organize and deliver speeches. But they don’t address the real solution for public speaking anxiety. The Sandra Zimmer Method course gets to the real solution. It teaches you to feel comfortable, safe, and present at the center of attention… before you learn to speak. Then you learn to create brief talks with minimal preparation.

What’s possible for you. If you have public speaking anxiety, you can learn to tap into your emotions and use them as positive energy to speak from passion! You can learn to feel calm, comfortable and confident to share your thoughts! You can be the speaker who makes people say, “Wow!” …just by being yourself!

I know what you are going through. I used to be so tense and anxious about speaking that my whole body shook uncontrollably. Let me show you how to clear public speaking fear and shine when you speak.

Sandra Zimmer Method LIVE Group Courses

Sandra Zimmer guides you through her nurturing public speaking course to release the nerves and discover calm confidence to speak and participate in groups, meetings, presentations and interviews.

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Sandra Zimmer Method 8-week Virtual Group Course

Sandra guides a small group virtually through her nurturing Sandra Zimmer Method course to release nerves and develop calm confidence. Discover your natural abilities to speak, present and participate in virtual groups, meetings and presentations.

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Sandra Zimmer Method Online Video/Workbook Course

Sandra Zimmer Method online video course to overcome fear of public speaking includes 21 short video sessions with workbook exercises for practice. Learn at your own pace from anywhere using your phone, tablet or computer.

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