Interview Preparation Coaching with Sandra Zimmer

Do you have an important interview for work, school or media?
Want to connect authentically and share yourself with confidence?
Would you like expert help to prepare to shine?

Successful interviews for a job or school depend on your ability to show the interviewer who you are and how you can add value to the company or school.  For stellar media interviews, you must respond authentically to reveal your best self and most compelling thoughts about an issue or topic.

Sandra Zimmer coaches you to succeed in interviews by relaxing, listening, being present with and engaging the interviewer while formulating answers that come from your authentic self.

Sandra has a gift for seeing who you are and for drawing out your best self and most compelling stories into your interview answers. She absolutely helps you shine!

In individual interview coaching, Sandra guides you to:

  • Be relaxed, at ease and present with the interviewer
  • Share your experience, strengths & success stories
  • Prepare to answer hard questions about potential negatives
  • Tell the stories that sell you, your experience and your ideas
  • Make genuine connection with the interviewer
  • Engage the interviewer in meaningful dialogue
  • Feel confident & radiate confidence that interviewers sense

Preparing to interview takes time. You need time to think deeply about your life, training and experience in order to uncover the golden nuggets of content and stories that make you shine. The ideal preparation time is 2 months. Start as early as possible!

Individual Coaching Fees:

  • $300.00 per one-hour session
  • $1,800.00 for 8 one-hour sessions

Sandra Zimmer offers interview coaching in her Houston office, by telephone or video conference.

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